Gmail Features-Beyond Your Notice

If someone has an email ID, it’s probably Gmail!Here We will Discover Ten Handy Gmail Features-Beyond Your Notice

The synonymous nature of Gmail brings almost all email users under one roof. Remember when you created an email ID? Why did you choose Gmail? Why not Yahoo or Hotmail?

The reason is simple, yet often misunderstood. Gmail’s sophistication and simplicity are unmatched by any other e-mail service. Google’s vastness in the online stratosphere is exemplified by the overwhelming dominance of YouTube and Gmail.

However, are you aware of a few more features of Gmail in addition to the simple ‘Click and Send’?

Gmail Features

# Here’s the best Gmail feature you’ve probably heard of #

#1.Google attachment reminder

Did you send an email and forgot to attach the ‘Most Important’ file? This scene is all too familiar. Under the pressure of routine office work, you may forget to pin the attachment to the email.

To avoid this embarrassment, Gmail has a built-in reminder that will ask you to attach a file. For example, if you add a phrase to your email, such as ‘files are attached below’, and actually hit the send without adding an attachment, Google will instantly ask you to do so. So don’t worry about attachments the next time you send an email. Google will save you from blush.

#2.Automatic reply

Tired of replying to emails while you’re on vacation? Gmail has a solution!

Automatic reply is one of the best Gmail features. This feature is extremely convenient to set up. For example, if you’re on vacation and want to send a standard reply to each work email, go to Settings in your Gmail mobile app, choose your account, and go to Vacation Responder. You can set the time of the month during which you will be away and set up a standard message.

Good news! Keep your feet up and enjoy your vacation!

#3.Forwarding email to another account

While this may seem highly unlikely, your account may be hacked. If the account in question is a work account, you may run into serious problems. By identifying this issue, Gmail has the option to forward all emails to another Gmail account in the event of such a situation.

#4.Labels and filters

Gmail is a model of authentic organization and structure. You can receive up to 100 emails per day from different sources in the same inbox. Piles of emails are enough to drive someone crazy.

Gmail Features

#5.Corn (trackpad) with keyboard shortcuts

Gmail is full of keyboard shortcuts that can make managing your inbox much easier. When you press the letter “C” on your keyboard or click B + D to see your drafts automatically, your email composition screen will suddenly appear. Gmail has dozens of customized shortcuts that can make your life easier.

→ Go to Settings → Advanced and enable keyboard shortcuts. Now there should be a tab for keyboard shortcuts in the settings window where you can view and customize your options. You need to make sure that keyboard shortcuts are enabled in Settings → General board keyboard shortcuts

Hold down Shift + / to see a full list of more Gmail options and shortcuts (including a whole bunch of options grouped by function). A blade will pop up with a directory of shortcuts.

Here are some personal favorite Gmail keyboard shortcuts:

Shift +! : Report as spam (emails you don’t like will * puff * out of your inbox)

Shift + #: delete (read above)

R: Reply (Quick response also prevents you from embarrassing “Reply to all”)

U: Mark as unread (if you must not enable Snooze Hack, come back next time)

C: Compose a new email

Answer: Answer everyone (don’t confuse it with “R” again)

E: Archive a message

Pressing G + (I, D, S, or T) takes you to a variety of inboxes, starred emails, or drafts, depending on which letter you’re pressing.

#6.Snooze your Gmail

Getting a stressful email after work hours can really dampen your happy time or family time. If you need a break from your inbox, enable Gmail’s “snooze” feature, and the emails will reappear at your selected time.

To snooze an email, hold the message on your main Gmail screen and right-click the clock icon. You can snooze the email for a day, a week, a month, a hack, you can snooze for a year. The email will return to your inbox when you are ready to respond. There is a defined label for these snoozed emails on the left side of your inbox only if you need to find them soon.

If you can’t remember the response to Grandma Jane’s email, try dragging the email from your Gmail inbox directly to your Tasks tab in the right-hand panel of your screen. The email reminder will appear there, below it is a link that takes you directly to the message in question. Integrating these emails into your to-do list can be an effective way to remember feedback.


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#7.organize emails from different sources 

One of the most useful features of Gmail is the ability to create separate labels to organize emails from different sources. To ensure that each email reaches its assigned label, Gmail allows you to use filters. These filters ensure that each email is placed below the correct label.

#8.Enable the preview pane

By default Gmail Web only shows you a long list of conversations, but you can enable a preview panel if you prefer a more desktop client-style look in your inbox. Click the arrow next to the toggle split blade mode icon (top right) and make your choice – you can see individual emails in your browser on the right or below the conversation list.

#9.Gmailify your other email addresses

Add another email address to Gmail by adding an email account under Account & Import in the online settings and you can choose “Gmailify” during the setup process – it gives you the same spam protection and automatic sorting for your other accounts as your Google. It is also available when linking to accounts on Android and iOS.

#10.Drag emails between tabs

If you get Gmail with individual tabs or sections (initial, social and updates) on the screen, did you know that you can drag conversation threads between them to re-categorize your messages? Even better, Gmail will ask you if you want to treat all emails from the same sender the same way in the future, to save you time.

These are some best Gmail Features which is being discussed above,,Apart from that there are lots of Hidden Features in Gmail which are absolutely commendable and unique.Which Alawaws makes it Special and Unbeatable in features

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